NSW Country Juniors Appoint 2019 Rep Coaching Positions

Friday, June 7, 2019

With the regular competitions having started across the State, it is only just around the corner before we start considering the Representative pathway. For those in the country areas the first stop is the "Country Champs" before moving onto State Champs & NSW Country Juniors Rep teams.

The Country Juniors Committee have appointed the 2019 Rep coaching staff for each of their NSW Country teams. Congratulations and thank you to all those involved and good luck.

NSW Country Juniors U14 (Boys)

Head Coach - Scott Dalibozek

Asst Coach - Sam Ingham

Asst Coach - Greg Condon

Manager - Kym Knight

NSW Country Juniors U15 (Boys)

Head Coach - Scott Hatch

Asst Coach - Tony Leeder-Smith

Asst Coach - Ben McNiven

Manager - Michael Sutherland

NSW Country Juniors U16 (Boys)

Head Coach - Max Malkin

Asst Coach - Dave Nicol

Asst Coach - Harry Witt

Manager - Gary Head

NSW Country Juniors U18 / Opens (Boys)

Head Coach - Angus Anderson

Asst Coach - Ian Westwood

Asst Coach - Jeff Watt

Manager - Stuart Thomas

NSW Country Juniors U15 (Girls)

Head Coach - Tony Mills

Asst Coach - Jeremy Maslon

Asst Coach - n/a

Manager - Rebecca Beverley

NSW Country Juniors U17 (Girls)

Head Coach - Kym Knight

Asst Coach - Paddy Bowen

Asst Coach - Gary Wilson

Manager - Michelle Edwards

NSW Country Rep player - 2016 model